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  1、We've never forgotten about the truth.We are just becoming skillful liars.我们从没有忘记真相,只是我们越来越会说谎.
  2、We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things.我们需要避免梦想的匮乏,人们总是希望开好车,穿好衣服,住好房子,却不愿为之付出艰辛。
  3、If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.如果你的行动总是一成不变,你得到的结果也总是一成不变。
  4、As you know, this is your world.It’s filled with more potential for pleasure, love, glory, beauty and bliss than can be comprehended.正如你所知,每个人都有属于自己的世界。它充满了你能感知到的快乐、爱、荣耀和幸福。
  5、I'm laughing somehow or other.Just because I'm thinking of you.我莫名其妙地笑了,原来只因为想到了你。
  6、There's always that one song that brings back old memories.总有那么一首歌,让你陷入深深的回忆-。
  7、No one cried when the coax,I learned to be strong;afraid not stay by the time I learned courage;bored when no one asked,I learned to bear.哭的时候没人哄,我学会了坚强;怕的时候没人陪,我学会了勇敢;烦的时候没人问,我学会了承受-。
  8、The answers to Life's questions lie inside you.All you need to do is look, listen and trust.生活的答案皆藏心中。你只须观察,聆听和信任。
  9、The love is a growth in the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on the edge of the flower, to gather it, need courage.爱情是一朵生长在悬崖峭壁边缘上的花朵,想要摘取它,需要勇气。
  10、Will look like separately will ever not wait for tomorrow, looked like never once departed passes that year. 就像从不会分开地等待明天,就像永不曾离去的度过那年。
  11、Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. In some cases, it simply means that you're a strong girl.微笑并不总是说明你是快乐的,有的时候,它只说明你是很坚强。
  12、Maybe God wants you to meet many wrong people before you meet the right one,so when this happens, youl will be thankful.也许上帝让你在遇见那个合适的人之前遇见很多错误的人,所以,当这一切发生的时候,你应该心存感激。
  13、Three common lies from guys: I'm sorry, I love you, and I won't hurt you. From girls: I'm fine, I'm not mad at you, I don't love you. 男生常见的3个谎言:对不起,我爱你,我不想伤害你。女生的:我很好,我没生你的气,我不爱你。
  14、Sometimes,you are not happy if you see through everything.It's better to be naive and inattentive.很多时候,看的太透反而不快乐 ,倒不如幼稚的没心没肺。
  15、Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life.别以为活着是理所当然,别等到来不及才知道珍惜。
  16、Remember,nothing or nobody can take charge your mind over midnight.要记住,没有任何事情,任何人需要你过了半夜12点还苦想不睡。
  17、To keep someone around you is not love; love is to let the one you love go freely. 不是把对方留在自己身边才叫爱,能放手让所爱的人离开,也是爱的一种。
  18、I can't promise that things will be perfect, But I swear I'll never leave.我无法承诺一切会有多么完美,但是我答应你我永远不会离开。
  19、When someone abandons you, it is him that gets loss because he lost someone who truly loves him but you just lost one who doesn't love you. 当他离你而去的时候,受损失的其实是他:因为他失去了一个真正爱他的人,而你只不过少了一个不爱你的人罢了。
  20、If we are children, they can stay in time there, while listening to those who never sit together old story side HaoShou slowly.如果我们都是孩子,就可以留在时光的原地,坐在一起一边听那些永不老去的故事一边慢慢皓首。
  21、You will receive a body.You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period.你将拥有一个躯体。你可以喜之也可以恶之,但它毕生都会属于你。
  22、Good things come to those who wait. Some of us just have to wait longer than others.美好的事情通常发生在愿意等待的人身上,有时候,我们需要比别人等更久。
  23、Sometimes, you don't get over things. You just learn to live with the pain. 有时候,我们并非走出了伤痛,不过是学会了带着伤痛继续生活。
  24、Love starts with a smile, develops with a kiss and ends with a tear. 爱情因一个微笑而发生,因一吻而滋长,最後因一滴眼泪而终结。
  25、One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart. 人生最难的事情之一,就是把某人从你的心底删除。


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