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  All are the people who do not leave their mobile phones. If they want to return to you, she has already returned. What do you expect.
  Your heart is my corner and the end of the world, I can't go further. We go to the ends of the earth together in this life, not to swim around one earth, but to be with each other.
  Love a person, is always love her, never willing to blame her. To see her cry, my heart is like a needle; to see her smile, my heart is like a flower. In love, everyone has his own fatal weakness.
  Meeting you is the beginning of the story, going to the end is the joy of the rest of life.
  Love to love to find, in fact, do not love when the most happy.
  If we don't have any flowers to express our love, we must send them to you!
  I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night, so I had to go to the roof to find another dream, but I didn't climb to the roof until dawn!
  When I met you, God only said four words in my ear, "doomed.".
  Love will not become indifferent because of reason, nor will it be lost because of ambition. It is the second life; it penetrates into the soul, warms every blood vessel and beats in every pulse. ——Edison
  Time, let the deep things deeper and deeper, let the shallow things become more and more shallow.
  I ate a five catties watermelon, also did not wait for you to reply my message. I think it's not that you don't like me enough, but that the watermelon is not big enough.
  It is the best to love once in your life. If you experience too much, you will be numb; if you separate more, you will get used to it; if you change lovers more, you will compare; in the end, you will no longer believe in love. In fact, for love, the more simple the more happy.
  The wind ran 80000 miles, just because I like you.
  You don't love me any more. You just turn around and pick me out of my eyes. I feel it.
  Someone will hold you in the top of your heart, like you like a fool, someone will protect your girl heart, let you believe in love again.
  Like all the old stories in the rumors, I miss you so much when you are gone.
  Things that can't be said are called worries, and those who can't stay are called stories. We should remember that no matter what we are unfamiliar with in the end, it is true that we have been good to you.
  I'm not afraid that we are separated temporarily. If a good love needs to go around for a long time and then come back, I can smile and hug you and say, you see, you are still mine.
  No one knows how much I like you, but everyone around me knows that I mention you every day.
  Should I thank you for your cruelty to me.
  I'm used to staying up late, just to wait for someone to advise me to go to bed early and say good night to me!
  Sometimes, a word from you can make me ponder for a few days. Sometimes, a word from you can disappoint me for a few days. That's care.
  Ha ha, the first person in love, the most ridiculous, love but not.
  I remember seeing you for the first time. I didn't expect you to be so important to me now.
  Take all the things you want to lose as a moment of joy. It's time to return.
  If you are always insatiable, pretend not to care, disobey the restrictions, and let those who love us cry, you will be lost in life. Love is doomed to be fragile. Especially in this era of material prosperity, don't ask why love becomes so fragile, because they have never loved at all. Maybe you still can't forget, but you must remember that love is so fragile, give up something that doesn't belong to you.
  Don't wait for people who can't afford to wait. Your infatuation can't move a person who doesn't love you.
  Miss for a long time like a dream, camouflage for a long time, heart pain.
  We always don't know how to cherish the people in front of us. In the unpredictable reunion, we think that there will always be a reunion, there will always be a chance to meet again, always think that the opportunity to say sorry, but never thought that every wave goodbye, may be farewell; every sigh, may be the last sigh in the world. We thought that love can fill the regret of life. However, it is love that makes more regrets.
  I admit, I am a selfish person, selfish to your eyes only me.

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